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Do any of the below scenarios feel familiar?



Hardware issues

  • Freezing, hanging, and blank screens

    Tired of staring a blank screen?

    My computer won’t even turn on now!!

    Black screen but I see the mouse cursor!

    Screen just turns blue and shows a bunch of white text!

    My computer keeps turning off randomly when I’m working!

  • Slow down and long start times

    This computer is just too SLOW!

    My computer takes 30 minutes to start. That’s if it even starts!!

    I can’t even get on the internet it’s so slow!

    All I want to do is work but it’s frustratingly slow and won’t open my files!

    All I want to do is look at my email, why is that so hard to do?

  • Mice, Keyboards, Printers, etc…

    My stuff won’t even work!

    My printer worked just fine and then all of a sudden it just stopped!

    What happened to my mouse and keyboard? They just decided to quit on me!

    I just want my Wifi to work with my desktop!

    I plug my phone in but NOTHING happens??! I just want to see my pictures!

Software issues

  • Pop-ups, viruses, and other unwanted software

    That’s it! I’m throwing it out the window!

    Please remove all the pop-ups and craziness on my computer!

    I just want my computer to be like it was when I bought it!

    I think I have a virus! Is my personal information safe? PLEASE HELP!

    I let my child on my computer for 15 seconds and now it is practically useless.

Why choose me over the other guys?

Microsoft Certified
Laptop and computer repair
Always on time and efficient.
Courteous, patient, and respectful.
Dedicated. Your time is valuable, so I won’t waste it.


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