Top Reasons Why Your Business Should Let Us Manage Your IT Services

If done efficiently, managed services could help lower costs, optimize resources and build additional value for your business. More businesses are now moving towards managed services because it can expand efficiency, reliability, security, yield high returns on investment, provide greater access to capital and minimize expenses.

Develop Value

Since your organization would be able to spare expenses, efficiency in operations would increase, dependability on IT would be high and productivity would increase. It would become easier to accomplish business goals; therefore, you would be able to enhance the value of your services.

Gain access to technology

Using the managed services model could provide access to resources that were otherwise not available to your organization. This is especially beneficial for new emerging companies or growing enterprises that are seeking to expand their capital base.

Minimize Risks

Since the costs of new technology are high and come with risks, if companies adopt the managed services model, they would be sharing risks; thus, one company would not be at the receiving end alone.

Maximize talent

With better investments in technology and improved operations, your organization would be able to invest in better human resources and create value. Implementing managed services model can help give your organization better competitive edge.

Greater security

Security is a sensitive issue because technology enables people to transfer data from one device to another with only a few clicks. With managed services, senior management could address the issues in time and raise awareness about the challenges and consequences of a security breach. Managers could use the model to ensure compliance and follow security protocol.

Higher profits

Purchasing new technology generates costs of training staff, maintenance, networks, software, and hardware. Outdated technology can impair operations and yield low returns on investments.

The model could help plan ahead for bigger projects and areas that need improvement. The services could be evaluated and distributed to clients to show them that you are maximizing value.

Proactive approach

Managed services model would help maintain a competitive edge, improve resources, build efficiency and achieve business objectives. This would allow an organization to streamline their operations and take proactive measures to stay ahead, not just work, to keep up with market trends. This can help save time and costs.

Companies would be able to prioritize better and focus on tasks that generate the greatest benefits or returns on investment. Organizations can then develop innovative solutions and maximize profitability.

Streamlined Projects

Managed services could help increase productivity as employees would be able to work on tasks that they are better equipped to handle. The organization would be able to handle strategic projects and derive value from investments. The staff could work on tasks that they do best.

Frees You Up to work on Your Business

Bottom line. Your time developing your business is too valuable to spend it worrying about technology. Let us manage your computers, and computer network, so you do not have to worry about it.

Consider partnering with a consulting company instead of bringing in a new employee to help manage your computers. For a fixed fee I could manage all of your computer needs, supporting all of your workstations, servers, network, applications, etc.

I bring a level of expertise that you will not find in a computer repair person and would be able to manage your computer network at a cheaper cost than adding a full-time employee.

Thank you.

Kevin O’Brien


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