Email Upgrade for Local Government

A local village government required an upgrade to their Exchange email system in order to run a new application they were purchasing. They were behind several versions of Exchange and their server hardware was also pretty dated.

The customer purchased a new server from me and we installed Windows 2016 on it. Exchange 2016 was installed last week and over this past weekend we performed the email migration from the old server to the new.

Monday morning there were zero issues with the email upgrade. Outlook worked flawlessly, iPhones and Androids worked perfectly, and everyone was happy with the performance of the new server. The new application is being purchased this week and installed.

We are now working on plans on upgrading their file server to newer, faster hardware. We are going to add redundancy and cloud backups to all servers to protect them in case of a disaster. We are also going to add proactive monitoring and management around the servers and the network to prevent any potential downtime in the future. A win/win for everyone!

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