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This post is directly aimed at small to medium sized businesses. You need help with your computers and computer network. You need someone to help you manage your network, protect your data and help you leverage technology to make your processes more efficient.

You should not be relying on non-professionals to fix problems as they happen. You need someone more proactive then reactive, someone who understands the importance of technology in your business, ensuring that the technology continues working so your business continues to function at it’s peak. Someone who works with you to make sure your IT needs corresponds with your future plans and goals. You need a pro like myself to sit down with and make a plan with you to get you where you need to be.

You should contact me to setup a meeting if:

If you need help with your applications.

If you need help understanding how growing business will use technology.

If you worry about what computer downtime would mean to your business.

If you have already experienced significant downtime.

If you are concerned about the security of your data.

If you want to build a robust wireless network.

Computers, networks, backups, disaster and business continuity planning, WiFi, applications, cameras, etc. I could go on and on with a list of areas where you need help and I can provide it.

Do not wait for disaster to strike your business. Do not rely on inexperienced computer repair people to help you with your critical business applications. Contact me for a meeting and we will put a plan together so that you can stop worrying about IT and focus on your business.

Thank you,
Kevin O’Brien

Email Upgrade for Local Government

A local village government required an upgrade to their Exchange email system in order to run a new application they were purchasing. They were behind several versions of Exchange and their server hardware was also pretty dated.

The customer purchased a new server from me and we installed Windows 2016 on it. Exchange 2016 was installed last week and over this past weekend we performed the email migration from the old server to the new.

Monday morning there were zero issues with the email upgrade. Outlook worked flawlessly, iPhones and Androids worked perfectly, and everyone was happy with the performance of the new server. The new application is being purchased this week and installed.

We are now working on plans on upgrading their file server to newer, faster hardware. We are going to add redundancy and cloud backups to all servers to protect them in case of a disaster. We are also going to add proactive monitoring and management around the servers and the network to prevent any potential downtime in the future. A win/win for everyone!

Give us a call if we can help you with your IT needs.


Top Reasons Why Your Business Should Let Us Manage Your IT Services

If done efficiently, managed services could help lower costs, optimize resources and build additional value for your business. More businesses are now moving towards managed services because it can expand efficiency, reliability, security, yield high returns on investment, provide greater access to capital and minimize expenses.

Develop Value

Since your organization would be able to spare expenses, efficiency in operations would increase, dependability on IT would be high and productivity would increase. It would become easier to accomplish business goals; therefore, you would be able to enhance the value of your services.

Gain access to technology

Using the managed services model could provide access to resources that were otherwise not available to your organization. This is especially beneficial for new emerging companies or growing enterprises that are seeking to expand their capital base.

Minimize Risks

Since the costs of new technology are high and come with risks, if companies adopt the managed services model, they would be sharing risks; thus, one company would not be at the receiving end alone.

Maximize talent

With better investments in technology and improved operations, your organization would be able to invest in better human resources and create value. Implementing managed services model can help give your organization better competitive edge.

Greater security

Security is a sensitive issue because technology enables people to transfer data from one device to another with only a few clicks. With managed services, senior management could address the issues in time and raise awareness about the challenges and consequences of a security breach. Managers could use the model to ensure compliance and follow security protocol.

Higher profits

Purchasing new technology generates costs of training staff, maintenance, networks, software, and hardware. Outdated technology can impair operations and yield low returns on investments.

The model could help plan ahead for bigger projects and areas that need improvement. The services could be evaluated and distributed to clients to show them that you are maximizing value.

Proactive approach

Managed services model would help maintain a competitive edge, improve resources, build efficiency and achieve business objectives. This would allow an organization to streamline their operations and take proactive measures to stay ahead, not just work, to keep up with market trends. This can help save time and costs.

Companies would be able to prioritize better and focus on tasks that generate the greatest benefits or returns on investment. Organizations can then develop innovative solutions and maximize profitability.

Streamlined Projects

Managed services could help increase productivity as employees would be able to work on tasks that they are better equipped to handle. The organization would be able to handle strategic projects and derive value from investments. The staff could work on tasks that they do best.

Frees You Up to work on Your Business

Bottom line. Your time developing your business is too valuable to spend it worrying about technology. Let us manage your computers, and computer network, so you do not have to worry about it.

Consider partnering with a consulting company instead of bringing in a new employee to help manage your computers. For a fixed fee I could manage all of your computer needs, supporting all of your workstations, servers, network, applications, etc.

I bring a level of expertise that you will not find in a computer repair person and would be able to manage your computer network at a cheaper cost than adding a full-time employee.

Thank you.

Kevin O’Brien


Computer repair and service.

PC, laptop, Mac, all computer repairs, upgrades, data recover, virus problems.
Reasonable prices and great service.

Give us a call or send a Facebook message.


Computer repair and service Long Island

Computer repair service Long Island

Computer repair service Long Island.

So busy here the past few months. Lots of work and good projects going on. PC’s, Mac’s, printer’s, phone’s, networks, upgrading computer hardware, software, operating systems. There is so much excellent technology out there now. Amazing applications and fast computers to run it on. I am here to help with all of your technology needs!


TNT Computers are experts in Office 365 and Office 365 migrations

TNT Computers are experts in Office 365 and Office 365 for BusinessOffice 365 migrations

What is Office 365?
Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud service that companies can subscribe too for Exchange email services, file servers, Skype instant messaging, Team sharing and so on.

Why is everyone talking about the cloud?
Subscribing to a service such as Office 365 means that you do not have to manage server and networking equipment in your office for these applications. All you need is a decent internet connection You do not have to manage the operating systems and the applications. The server licenses are included in the subscription. Sleep better at night knowing that Microsoft can provide better up-time, and can secure your data, better than you can in your own data center. Your company will always be running the latest and greatest applications without having to worry about your staff getting trained to install it for you. You get all of this with a monthly per user subscription.

Contact me to hear more about how Office 365 can benefit your business.

Thank you,

So What is BDR/BCP?

So What is BDR/BCP?

Long Island Business IT computer network support services





I always say BDR/BCP is a little bit like Ambien. It helps you sleep better at night!

There are three key pieces to a proper BDR/BCP (Backup Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Planning). Most companies have the first piece of the puzzle while missing out on the two most critical aspects of BDR/BCP. Your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning.

Server backups work well when they actually work. We monitor server backups on a daily basis and know that if you’re not checking your backups daily eventually there will be a problem with your backup application and or backup media that needs attention. If this goes unchecked you potentially stand to lose a lot of information if your server crashes and the server has not been properly backing up. This would be a NIGHTMARE for all of the companies I work for. Again that is the reason that we’re diligent to monitor and review these backups every day.

OK so you’ve got a solid backup solution…

But what happens if you have a fire or theft in your office? Do you off-site your data for disaster recovery purposes? Statistics show that 95% of all small businesses that have a disaster never really recover and end up closing the doors with a few years due to having poor disaster recovery solutions in place.

The last piece of the puzzle is what we call Business Continuity. If your server crashed tomorrow at 11:00am how long would it take your IT company to get your server back on-line and you operational? In most instances it would take 1-2 days to recover a crashed server. Using a hypothetical on-prem physical server. The usual routine is similar to this. Server crashes, IT needs to work with server vendor to replaced failed hardware (hopefully you have a valid warranty on the server), hardware vendor will be on-site with 6 hours to replaced failed hardware, after hardware has been replaced we can now work on reconstructing and restoring your server from the previous nights backup.

Can you afford the downtime?

Most business owners understand the importance of their business data. Information Technology is the Life Blood of any organization. If I could see a show of hands how many businesses would find it difficult to operate if I came in your office this evening and removed your servers? Depending on what those servers housed some users might be without email, faxes, documents, line of business applications, accounting programs, video surveillance, and much more.

This is where a proper BDR/BCP solution comes in handy.

As a business owner myself I know the value of a properly configured BDR/BCP solution. TNT Computers can work with you to design a BDR/BCP solution that meets your needs and requirements.

Typical solutions include replicating your server data to a local device. The device then replicates this data to an offsite data center.

If you don’t feel confident that your data is adequately protected or you do not have a plan in place in case disaster strikes, contact me so we can put a plan together and you can sleep better at night.





Office 365 for Education

Office 365 for Education

Last week I started a new project for a major university. We are going to sign them up for Office 365. The plan is to put all of the students email and file storage into Office 365. Office 365 gives the school the ability to quickly create new student accounts every semester and remove the ones for students who have left. With the constant turnaround that the school faces every semester and the varying storage requirements, Office 365 is a perfect fit.

Leveraging Office 365 will allow the university to keep their Active Directory small and uncluttered, will save them on servers, storage and licenses, and also gives the students the latest and greatest Microsoft software.


Computer Repair

Computer RepairHome Computer Repair Long Island Computer Repair

Do any of the below scenarios feel familiar?



Hardware issues

  • Freezing, hanging, and blank screens

    Tired of staring a blank screen?

    My computer won’t even turn on now!!

    Black screen but I see the mouse cursor!

    Screen just turns blue and shows a bunch of white text!

    My computer keeps turning off randomly when I’m working!

  • Slow down and long start times

    This computer is just too SLOW!

    My computer takes 30 minutes to start. That’s if it even starts!!

    I can’t even get on the internet it’s so slow!

    All I want to do is work but it’s frustratingly slow and won’t open my files!

    All I want to do is look at my email, why is that so hard to do?

  • Mice, Keyboards, Printers, etc…

    My stuff won’t even work!

    My printer worked just fine and then all of a sudden it just stopped!

    What happened to my mouse and keyboard? They just decided to quit on me!

    I just want my Wifi to work with my desktop!

    I plug my phone in but NOTHING happens??! I just want to see my pictures!

Software issues

  • Pop-ups, viruses, and other unwanted software

    That’s it! I’m throwing it out the window!

    Please remove all the pop-ups and craziness on my computer!

    I just want my computer to be like it was when I bought it!

    I think I have a virus! Is my personal information safe? PLEASE HELP!

    I let my child on my computer for 15 seconds and now it is practically useless.

Why choose me over the other guys?

Microsoft Certified
Laptop and computer repair
Always on time and efficient.
Courteous, patient, and respectful.
Dedicated. Your time is valuable, so I won’t waste it.


Contact us for all your computer needs!


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