Email Upgrade for Local Government

A local village government required an upgrade to their Exchange email system in order to run a new application they were purchasing. They were behind several versions of Exchange and their server hardware was also pretty dated.

The customer purchased a new server from me and we installed Windows 2016 on it. Exchange 2016 was installed last week and over this past weekend we performed the email migration from the old server to the new.

Monday morning there were zero issues with the email upgrade. Outlook worked flawlessly, iPhones and Androids worked perfectly, and everyone was happy with the performance of the new server. The new application is being purchased this week and installed.

We are now working on plans on upgrading their file server to newer, faster hardware. We are going to add redundancy and cloud backups to all servers to protect them in case of a disaster. We are also going to add proactive monitoring and management around the servers and the network to prevent any potential downtime in the future. A win/win for everyone!

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New Exchange Server for Nonprofit

New Exchange Server for nonprofit Long Island Computer Repair

New Exchange Server for Nonprofit. Over the past week I have worked with a nonprofit organization that needed to upgrade their Exchange server. They were running Exchange Server 2007, which Microsoft has scheduled for end of life (support) this past month. We stood up a new Exchange 2013 server for them and performed the migration over the weekend. Do to some limitations within their network and budget, we decided to go with a full cutover on a Saturday. I planned it out and tested the new system thoroughly during the week so there would be no surprises. Everything went well and all of their users were able to sign on Monday morning with no problems. This week I will be taking care of some post migration tasks and removing the old server.

If your organization needs help migrating an email server, a file server, an application or anything else IT related, please contact me. I can guide you through the entire process. We will make a plan that works for you and your company, and I do everything I can to make sure these transitions are as smooth and transparent to your users and your productivity as possible.




New Exchange Server for Nonprofit

Exchange Server upgrade

Exchange Server upgrade. I have been hired by a small non-profit to upgrade their Exchange Exchange Server upgrade Long Island Computer Repairserver. They are running Exchange 2007 and would like to upgrade to Exchange 2013. Exchange 2007 is hitting end of life this month so it was critical that they move off of it.

Things are going very well and since they are a small organization, it is moving along quickly too. I hope to have the new Exchange 2013 Server online, configured and tested by the end of the week. We will then move it into production on Friday night and begin pilot testing on Monday.

Being compliant is the main requirement for this project but this company is going to benefit in so many other ways from this upgrade. They will be able to run the latest version of their main application, they will be able to take advantage of all of the new features of the latest Outlook and Outlook Web App clients. And they will benefit from the high availability that Exchange 2013 provides.

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Office 365 Migration

Office 365 Migration Long Island Computer RepairOffice 365 Migration. Most of my projects these days are helping companies migrate to Office 365. I am currently working with a financial company to get started with Office 365. We will be migrating their Exchange email to Exchange Online. Included with that will be 50GB mailboxes in the cloud, online storage with OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business which is just awesome and the latest version of Office 2016 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, OneNote and Publisher) all for one subscription.

The cloud is such a great solution for most organizations. Instead of the large capital expense every couple of years to upgrade Exchange and Office applications, you get the latest and greatest with your subscription, without having to maintain all of the costly servers in your office.

Contact me if you are interested in hearing how Office 365 can benefit your business and how I can help you get there.




Office 365 Migration






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